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Charlie & Crew Journal

Keep your food fresh with FoodSaver!

A special thank you to FoodSaver for sponsoring this blog post and gifting us with the FoodSaver® FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System. All thoughts, reviews and opinions are my own.

Do you ever feel like you are throwing out too much produce you couldn’t use in time for their ripeness? Or breads that you couldn’t eat more than half the loaf before going stale? Yep, same here!

I am excited to tell you about an amazing system that can solve those problems and so much more, the FoodSaver® FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System. I am in love with this machine! Aside from being such a cool kitchen appliance to have on hand… it has so many helpful ways you can use it.  

Use the FoodSaver® to seal FoodSaver zipper bags, canisters, or containers. Whether you want to make prep-ahead meals, store leftovers, or freeze meats and produce for longer periods of time, the FM2000 is the sensible way to save time, money and eliminate food waste.

FoodSaver® is the #1 Selling Vacuum Sealing Brand, comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty and is ETL Safety Certified.

Some fun ways I love to use FoodSaver:

-          Making snack packs for our pantry (great for cookies and cereals like granola).

-          Make treat bags for a camping trip or vacation.

-          Vacuum seal toiletries for travel. No worries of our products spilling!

-          Meal prep for the week ahead.

Being a vegetarian, I am always stocking up on extra fruits and veggies. One fruit in particular I love to keep extra stock of is strawberries. I love using the FoodSaver to get an extra week out of fresh batches of berries or to freeze them to prep ahead for smoothies!  

Did you know that Vacuum sealing can make your food last up to 5x longer than traditional storage methods? Pretty cool right?! Check out this handy chart here to see how long you can save food in the freezer, refrigerator or pantry:

-          Flour and sugar can be saved for one to two years

-          Baked cookies will be preserved for up to six weeks

-          Cheeses can be sealed for up to eight months

-          Meats frozen can be saved for up to 3 years

-          Berries can stay fresh in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks

For more information on FoodSaver, check out the links below: 

Shop FoodSaver:

Give them a follow on Instagram:

I would love to know in comments below what you think and what you would love to use FoodSaver for?



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Living room update with Dorel Living

A special thank you to Dorel Living for sponsoring this blog post and gifting us with the Dorel Living Kaci Sofa and Dorel Living Kaci Sectional. All thoughts, reviews and opinions are my own.

Spring is here! It’s one of my most favorite times of the year. I love the open windows, spring cleaning and all the flowers blossoming. We have been spring cleaning, organizing and updating our home lately. Our Living room was one of our main rooms that needed a refresh. With working from home and homeschooling our kids, we needed a living room that was not only kid friendly but also cozy, functional and a touch of modern style. We added baskets to conceal and organize toys, games and movies. New pillows and side tables gave cozy and functional touches.  We created some art from Charlie & Crew with our newest Hexagon shelf in a smaller size for a fun Honeycomb cluster. Our biggest and most important change was updating the seating. Dorel Living helped us tackle this part with their Dorel Living Kaci Sofa and Dorel Living Kaci Reversible Sectional.

Dorel Living Kaci Sofa, Gray:

Dorel Living Kaci Sectional, Gray:

Made with clean lines and contemporary design, the Dorel Living Kaci Sofa and Dorel Living Kaci Sectional brought ample seating availability and a modern feel to our living room. They are the perfect blend of form and function with spacious seating options for our family of 4 and a generous amount of padding for a cozy and inviting feel. These sofas are available in gray and beige upholstery. We chose the Gray to go with our clean and modern feel while being versatile to work with other décor. Our favorite part is, it was so easy to put together and the Kaci Reversible Sectional is interchangeable with the chaise lounge for either side of the sofa making it easy to change up our room a bit if we need.

If you are in the market for a new sofa I highly recommend the Dorel Living Kaci sofa or Dorel Living Kaci sectional which are both available at They also offer a matching loveseat and chair.

For more information on Dorel Living check out the links below:


Instagram:   Facebook:

We are already enjoying our new space and sofas! I can’t wait to put them to use with family time, watching movies, reading books and afternoon naps!

Would love to know in comments below, do you have a room update you’re working on?



Charlie & Crew Mama

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Not-So-Guilty Sundaes with Wink Frozen Desserts

Not-So-Guilty Sundaes with Wink Frozen Desserts

Samantha Scott | Charlie & Crew Mama
Owner, Designer + Maker at Charlie & Crew. Wife + Mother. Lifestyle Content Creator. Lover of all things family, home, style, beauty and travel.


Not-So-Guilty Sundaes

 I am always on the look out for a fun, tasty and easy to make dessert. I have such a big sweet tooth (who doesn't right?!) and so do our kiddos so its even more fun to find a recipe that satisfies that sweet craving... without all the extra sugar... plus fun to make. This is where Wink Frozen Desserts come in. 

Made of non-GMO, plant based ingredients, Wink Frozen Desserts has been able to create a pint of "ice cream" dessert that is truly tasty + healthful.  

Wink Frozen Desserts are Dairy Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg free and Sugar Free making them Diabetic and Keto Friendly.

We experimented with mixing in some tasty and not so bad for you toppings this last week with the amazing assortments of flavors from Wink Frozen Desserts.

Check out some of our favorites below and let me know in comments which flavor you would like to try.

Have a chocolate love? This one is for you! We used Dark Chocolate Wink Frozen Dessert and added Dark chocolate chips for a chocolatey crunch and bring out even more chocolate flavor. 

Strawberry is a must try. It has such a pretty and fruity flavor in itself but we added some fresh cut strawberries to bring out that sun ripened taste even further. SOO Good!

Salted Caramel was such a treat. We added sliced almonds and sugar free caramel to complement the salty caramel flavor. Other great additions for this one would be a Maple Syrup or a nut free granola to keep it nut free.

Head on over to their site to check out their amazing assortment of 100 calorie Pints and Packs.

*This post is sponsored by Wink Frozen Dessert. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy!



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A Maker's Journey

A Maker's Journey

Hi Friends, this is @charlieandcrewdad here! I am the maker of all things wood for our brand! I like to think of myself as your maker, with the goal of providing lifetime pieces to make your house feel more like home. Being new to the whole blogging thing, it was hard to figure out what route to go. I wanted my blogs to be about my journey as a woodworker, as a maker. I want my blogs to share a little insight on what it is to be a maker of wood goodies, and share some helpful tips along the way. So here ya go! I hope you enjoy and please comment your thoughts at the end.

A Maker's Journey

Chapter 1

Safety First! This should be the most important topic to a woodworker, but we all know it isn't! Who likes safety, most safety equipment for our body or on our power tools typically are awkward and just plain get in the way. But then along came Firm Grip Gloves to save the day. I have been able to use their Gel Pro Carpenter Gloves for about 2 weeks, and I am in love. You get protection for when you are messing with your material, keep those nasty splinters away, but have the ability to use your fingers when your marking measurement or just plain want to feel what your working on. I especially love the knuckle guards for when I am getting lumber from my underneath table storage or when I am working on my son's bike. Who in their life has busted their knuckles? This guys has! The material is breathable so you hands don't die of sweat poisoning as well(lol).





A work glove is no good unless it has grip. The name says it all, Firm Grip Gloves provide the perfect grip when you running your miter saw station or palm sander. I have found myself time and time again forgetting that I even have them on.



Do yourself a favor, go beyond hearing and eye protection. (more to come on that). As makers, if we ruin our hands, how do we make? They need protection too. Please head on over to @firm_grip_gloves and show my friends some love. Click on the links above or head to your local Home Depot and give them a try. I do not believe you will be disappointed. They have a full line of gloves for any occasion.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, I hope you have a great day.

Stay Classy 



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The Mini Triangle

The Mini Triangle
Hey! @charlieandcrewmama here! I am so excited to share with you the newest member of our Home Collection, the Mini Triangle.
They are also known as the Mini Mountains and are curated + made by @charlieandcrewdad.
These fun home accent pieces are more than just a pop of color for your space. Read below for some fun ways to use your Mini in your space to make it your own.
House an airplant. Airplants come in many sizes and colors but our favorite that fits perfect in the Mini Triangle is the species, Tillandsia.
Lay flat in an entryway table to hold your keys, a desktop to fill with your favorite candy or your nightstand with a relaxing scented tea light candle.
Choose from an assortment of color options to match your rooms theme and hang to complete a gallery art wall, hang alone to be a bold accent or cluster for a fun feel.
Stand like a Mini Mountain on a bookshelf, side table or on a Charlie & Crew hanging shelf ;)
Stand on a dresser and hang your favorite necklace or bracelet on display. Lay flat and place rings or earrings inside.
We would love to hear what you would do with your Mini in the comments below. Already have one? Send us a photo of your Mini for a chance to be shared on our @charlieandcrewshop Instagram & Facebook! 
Thanks for stopping by!
For a 10% discount use code: 10PERCENT off your next order!
Any questions or special projects email us at



Photography + Styling Credit: @thebusybeeeventsanddesign

Photography + Styling Credit @lysuelhphotography

Photography + Styling Credit @elevennote


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Meredith Nicole Collection

Meredith Nicole Collection
Hey guys! @charlieandcrewmama here. Hope this finds your day going great!
I wanted to share with you our newly updated collection of colorful accessories including stackable bead bracelets and lightweight wood earrings...
Meredith Nicole Bracelets shown in Avocado.
You may already know, but our brand Charlie & Crew was named after our son, Charlie. He is the reason I took the leap and founded our shop. When Charlie was born I was a practicing Therapeutic Massage Therapist. I also was a Candle maker and made Aromatherapy candles for my sessions and clients. I had a desire to be with Charlie more than the schedule demanded with being a full time Massage Therapist. I opened my Etsy shop with my Aromatherapy candles and the rest is history. Charlie & Crew was born and has grown to include more collections than just my candles over the last couple years.
Meredith wearing a Meredith Nicole Bracelet in 'Crystal'.
After Meredith was born I knew I wanted a colorful & fun collection named after her that would represent her personality. Meredith is sweet, sassy, bold & loving. She brings so much light and happiness into our family and I wanted this collection to reflect her. 
The Meredith Nicole Collection can be dressed up or down and is made with Sterling Silver or 14KGF of your choice. These pieces with proper care can last a lifetime and make the best gifts. The pieces were designed to be worn by all ages, from newborn baby bracelets & Mommy + Me bracelet sets to gifting your bridesmaids all some matching colorful earrings or completing an outfit with the perfect lightweight accent earrings.
 Head over to the Meredith Nicole Collection and enjoy $5 off your order including a Meredith Nicole piece using code:  MEREDITH5
Any questions or a custom project send us an email:
We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 
Thank you for stopping by and I hope to get to make you a Meredith Nicole piece soon! 
Model Photo credit: @tarnee Instagram



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A Woodworker's Introduction

A Woodworker's Introduction

Hey Friends, my name is Danny and I am the co-owner of Charlie & Crew. I am Samantha's partner in crime, I am the Robin to her Batman. This is a new year, and we have done some amazing things in 2017, but we have some bigger things coming in 18. I want to take the time to introduce myself. A little over a year ago we launched our Home Collection, that day, that moment, my identity in this business was born. We launched @charlieandcrewdad on instagram and I felt like I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the long haul. I wanted to be an active owner and I wanted to do this business for my full time job. I have always been a supporting role in the business from the start, but our number 1 goal in 2018 is to get me in the position to be a full time voice in Charlie & Crew. Currently my "full time" job is a plant manager of a steel fabrication company, I have taken many things I have learned and built that knowledge into how I handle the day to day operations of Charlie & Crew. But enough of this side story, lets get to the matter at hand, why wood?


Growing up as a kid, my father was always out in the garage creating some master piece. Watching him take the time to study the craft, learn from mistakes, and take an idea from start to finish stuck with me. I believe it took me to get older to realize the woodworking bug was planted in my brain. There is a thrill in going to Lowe's, getting raw material, cramming it in my car (yes I said a car, Sentra in-fact, real men can haul wood in a car, lol), turning on my Kobalt miter saw and cutting some Pine. The art of making something that a client will place in their home is the ultimate reward. I love sitting down with Samantha and coming up with new designs and finishes. We have taken time and extreme consideration before launching a new product, making sure we can achieve the promise to every customer, that we will provide the best service and the best product.

I am so excited for 2018, I have received many nice compliments and words of encouragement from our customers and followers on Instagram. I hope to always deliver on the promise to be the best for our customers. I hope you will join me on my journey, and we hope that you will continue to follow and support Charlie & Crew. Stay Classy friends.

 Click Here to shop our Home Collection!



Danny Scott

Owner and Maker




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Jord Wood Watch | Review

Jord Wood Watch | Review

Christmas is making its way here so fast! If you are on the hunt for a unique & stylish gift that will not disappoint, then look no further than Jord Wood Watches. With so many options on their site for both men & women, they make it easy for marking off those needed gifts still on your list.

When JORD Wood Watches approached me to do an unbiased review of one of their watches for their Holiday campaign, I was honestly delighted at the opportunity of working with Jord again. I can not speak highly enough about their products, quality and amazing customer service. 

My husband, also known as @charlieandcrewdad  and I both own Jord watches and enjoy the uniqueness, beautiful craftsmanship and functionality Jord offers.

Our most recent addition to our combined collection is from their new Hyde Series, the Ebony & Iron design for men. Check them out on Jord with this link HERE

I knew the Ebony & Iron watch would make a great addition to my husbands collection as well as the perfect gift for any Guy left on your Christmas gifting list. 

Needing a gift idea for a lady on your list as well? Shop Jord for women HERE

Jord does not disappoint with the detailed wooden box packaging for your watch. When opening the wooden box to a Hyde Series Ebony & Iron watch, you are met with a strikingly darker hue of the Ebony polished wooden band, stark face and minimal overall design. 

Here are a few of the official details that make up a Hyde Series Jord Wood Watch:

  • 100% natural, hand-finished woods
  •  Metallic dial with contrasting accent
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Citizen Miyota quartz movement (GL30)
  • Ultra-slim design
  •  Deployment buckle with push button

Dimensions + Ratings:

  • Case Width: 45mm
  •  Case Thickness: 10.5mm
  •  Lug Ends: 55mm
  •  Band Length: 160mm
  •  Band Thickness: 18mm
  • Movement is splash-proof (3 ATM)
  •  Wood is treated to be splash-proof

Here are a few reasons why we love Jord Watches:

  • They offer fast & Free Shipping (and hassle free returns).
  • Handcrafted in the USA with raw materials. 
  • The watch wrist size is made to your sizing. 
  • Gift Ready & Unique Packaging.
  • They offer comfortable & stylish designs for both men & women.

How would you like to enjoy 25% off a new Jord watch of your choice for a limited time? Perfect to finish out your Christmas shopping!

Get a 25% off coupon emailed straight to your inbox with this link here:

25% Coupon

 If you have any direct questions for Jord, you can send them in their chat on Let me know below what you think of the Hyde Series and if you are a Jord owner in comments below!

Have a great day! Warmly-

Samantha <3

Charlie & Crew



Contact Samantha:
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TEMPUS Silvestre | Men's Green Sandalwood Watch | Full Review

TEMPUS Silvestre | Men's Green Sandalwood Watch | Full Review

There is a song called "My Favorite Things" by Julie Andrews and Mary Martin. It talks about rain drops on roses and cream colored ponies. This wood watch by TEMPUS fit in this category of awesome. I have had the pleasure of wearing this watch for a while and I find this watch extremely comfortable. I am typically a guy that does not like watches with links. I find that it is hard to get the watch to fit my wrist perfectly. Most tend to be to big and will slide up and down your arm all day (even after taking links out). But I found that after I took 3 links out this watch has that leather band feel. I am impressed of how this Tempus feels, I love wearing it all day and most of the time I forget that it is even on. I love the raw wood style, it has a tasteful style that can be worn in any situation. The glass in extremely strong, a lot of watches are extremely easy to scratch, but this glass has held up perfect to my abuse. I think the head size is perfect for my size arm, the dial is easy to read, and the watch is extremely easy to operate. Tempus sends you the tool to add or remove links, and they even throw in some extra links if you have a large wrist. If you are looking for a wood watch please give these great people a look. I promise you will not be disappointed. Please check out the other photos, please see the link below to check this sweet watch out. Please go and follow @charlieandcrewdad and @tempus_wood_watches on Instagram. Have a great day and thank you so much for reading. Lots of Love








Please visit their website:


  • Wood Material: Green Sandalwood
  • Case Diameter: 45mm
  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band Material: Wood
  • Band Width: 25mm
  • Band Length: 75mm to 175mm (adjustment maybe required)
  • Movement: Japan 2035 Analog Quartz
  • Clasp: Fold-Over Clasp with Double Push-Button Safety




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    BOBO BIRD Luxury Wooden Watch | My Review

    BOBO BIRD Luxury Wooden Watch | My Review

    Hi friends, my name is Danny Scott, I am the Co-Owner of Charlie & Crew. I am here today to bring you a review on the BOBO BIRD Luxury Wooded Watch from Peek Ticker. I have had the privilege of having this watch for a few weeks now. I have put it through its paces and it has not disappointed.  The craftsmanship of this watch is top notch. They paired the genuine leather band perfectly with the color of the wooden watch head. I love the color pallet and I believe they go well together. The weight of this watch is perfect. The dial (to adjust the clock) does not dig into your wrist. Since it has an adjustable band instead of links, you can size it perfectly for small or large wrist. The clock hands are easy to read and they really stand out on that sweet wooded background. This watch makes a statement; you can go casual or even dressy with this piece. I would recommend this watch to any guy looking for a stylish, clean, comfortable, durable, and simple to operate watch. Please see the link below to check this watch out for yourself. Please follow them on instagram @woodwatches_peekticker and me @charlieandcrewdad.



    Case Shape: Round

    Band Material Type: Leather

    Band Width: 12MM

    Clasp Type: Buckle

    Case Material: Stainless Steel

    Case Thickness: 72MM

    Water Resistance Depth: Not Waterproof

    Dial Diameter: 4.4MM

    Dial Window Material Type: Glass

    Band Length: 24CM


    Thank you for the taking the time to read my review. We have some more sweet content coming your way. We want to thank all of our loyal customers followers, and we hope all have a great day. Lots of love :)




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